Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mesa: More on Day 1

Day one of the 2nd Arizona Family History Expo went really well. I attended Thomas MacEntee's "Twitter: It's Not Just for Breakfast Anymore." My main motivation was to see how the crowd reacted to Twitter. Thomas has a way of explaining technology that makes it less scary for the non-tech crowd. I have to say, the audience was very interested and stayed attentive with the presentation to the end. They also asked many questions--good questions--which is a sign of a good session.

In the evening, I attended the Family History Expos banquet. I am happy to say that people actually sat at my table. It wasn't empty and there were no extra desserts. We talked about blogs, and hopefully my tablemates will start to read more genealogy blogs.

After dinner, Lisa Louise Cooke did a live Genealogy Gems podcast in front of the audience. Gena Ortega, Bruce Buzbee, Thomas MacEntee and Anastasia Tyler were guests. Thomas made a grand entrance, delivering special Southwestern-themed Mardi Gras beads to the attendees. I declare it to be the best banquet entrance ever.

All in all, day one at the Family History Expo went really well. Now on to day 2...


  1. First, I am sooo jealous that you are at the Expo!
    You have been so supportive of my "Genealogy and Me" blog that I wanted to thank you in a special way.
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  2. Thanks for your posts, Amy! I'm enjoying "being there" vicariously through yours and the other geneabloggers' posts.

  3. I can only echo Miriam. Thank you for good commentary on your experience at the Expo, for those of us not able to be there... maybe someday!


  4. Did you love all the rain while you were in Mesa? I live in Phoenix but was unable to make the expo...but then when it rained so much probably just as well. Thanks for the recap on it

  5. Thanks for your posts about the Expo. It has been interesting reading about the goings on!

  6. Reading your accounts of the Expo is the next best thing to being there. Wish I couldn've seen Thomas's entrance to the banquet!

  7. It was a great genealogy Expo! So great to get to know you face to face! :)


  8. I read quite a few blogs and started one myself this month.I love the writing part and am trying to become more computer literate.My family has a facebook page, but I only use it to look at the pictures. I don't see the point in twitter, it seems most of twitter and facebook is just people saying what they ate or where they went. Maybe I'm just old-fashioned, but at age 69 growing up in a different world, I think all this is just a waste of time. I'd like to hear why the genealogy crowd thinks it's of great value. I could change my mind.