Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Films are In

When you order items from the Family History Library, it takes a few weeks for them to arrive at your local Family History Center. So you wait and wait to hear the four magic words: "The Films are In."

That's the call I received this Saturday. The films in question are marriage and death records for 1890's Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My great-great grandparents were married there April 25, 1891 and my great-great grandfather died there October 27, 1896. I received these details from indexes at Ancestry.com. I am hoping these films provide the records I need.

I haven't had good luck at the Family History Center lately. I can't find a will for John Laurens Williamson. There are lots of references to a will, but no will.

Last week, I poured over the early 20th century marriage records for Duncan, Oklahoma. I need the marriage dates for six daughters: my great-grandmother and her five sisters. The records began in November 1907. My great-grandmother was married in October 1907. Ouch. I found records for two of the ladies. 2 out of 6. Also, the records were computerized, which was disappointing. I was hoping for microfiche of the originals.

So now I sit here and wait for the FHC to open so I can look at the Milwaukee films. Will my great-great grandparents' marriage record be there? Might it hold the previously unknown identity of my great-great-great grandfather? I guess I'll just have to wait and see, cross my fingers and hope.


  1. Amy, I got that call myself this afternoon. "Your Films Are In" yea.... I am looking for some estate record of my gtgtgt gdfather Joseph Favourite. He died and left two young daughters. Can't find anything. Maybe this film. We always keep hoping right? Good Luck

  2. Best of luck to you! Oh yes, films arriving is definitely a happy event. I miss the LDS back home; sitting there on a Saturday, scrolling through microfilm. Have fun!

  3. Wendy, your FHC was open on Saturdays? Mine is so tiny! Only open part-time three days a week.

  4. Amy, check the familysearch.org site for other FHCs near you. Hours can vary, plus some non-FHC sites are now able to obtain films--but you prob already know this, yes?