Saturday, July 12, 2008

Clayton Saturday

I went to the Clayton Library Center for Genealogical Research today. I've been reading all the old Pope County Historical Association Quarterly issues in preparation for my trip to Arkansas. I'm trying to do all I can here so I can cram more into my time there.

I did get a lot of reading done. I also got some information from obituary transcriptions. None of this information pertains to William Woodberry Williamson, but they are helpful pieces to the puzzle.

I also found some information on George Washington Boals (1836-1903), which is going to make one of my email buddies very happy.

At noon, there was a presentation on Roots Magic. If it has to do with genealogy, I'll attend the opening of an envelope. Of course, I was in the front row. One of the Clayton folks is trying to get a regular Roots Magic group going. I don't have the software (yet) but I think I'll mark those meetings on my calendar.

After the presentation ended at 2:30-ish, I was tired and hungry. However, there was still time to read, so I did. I made a wonderful discovery. So good, in fact, that it deserves its own post.

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