Monday, August 25, 2008

Another Man and His Wives

Previously, I talked about William Woodberry Williamson and his three wives. WWW's father was John Laurens Williamson (1811-1862). He was my great-great-great grandfather, and he had two wives.

The Williamsons came with other families from Tennessee to Arkansas in the early 1830's. Though John was a young adult, he traveled with his parents as part of their family unit. At some point, John Laurens Williamson and his brother went back to Tennessee to get married and bring their brides back to Arkansas.

Jane Hamilton was John Laurens Williamson's first wife. I have yet to find any birth or death timeline for her. In the photo below, you can see I cleared grass and mud from the bottom of the stone in the hopes that there was a date or two there. Nothing.

There is a well-known family paper that mentions John Laurens Williamson and Jane Hamilton have two sons. However, the 1850 census lists four children living in the household that fit the timeline. I also have a copy of a will index that lists four heirs with the same names in John Laurens Williamson's will. I am in the process of getting a copy of that will to verify that there were four children from this union.

Jane Hamilton may have died between 1842 and 1847 because John Laurens Williamson married Susan Quesenberry in December of 1847. Susan is my great-great-great grandmother. She raised Jane's children and had six of her own with John Laurens Williamson.

William Woodberry Williamson, born in 1853, was third in birth order. He had 2 older sisters, 2 younger sisters and one brother.

John Laurens Williamson died in 1862. Susan Quesenberry then raised her children alone on the Williamson homestead.

Susan Quesenberry passed away in 1892. A post of her obituary will be the next stop in the We Tree family tour.

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