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A Steady, Every Day Christian: The Obituary of Sarah Caroline Brigham Williamson

In my post A Man and His Wives, I introduced you to my great-great grandfather and his three wives. His first wife was Sarah Caroline Brigham. Sometimes her first name was Sallie. Sometimes her last name was Brigance. Whatever she was called, she was my great-great grandmother.

She died when she was 25. Below is her obituary. Based on what was written, and given the ages of the children she left behind, this was a devastating time for the family.

This newspaper piece was transcribed verbatim. The paragraph breaks are my own, to give readers' eyes a break, and my family a chance to take in all the details:


Mrs. Sarah C. Williamson

The ravages of death made another home lonely and drear, other hearts sad and desolate, and robbed other children of a mother. Mrs. Sarah C. Williamson, who departed this life Nov. 16th 1887, was born Feb. 13th 1862. Her maiden name was Sarah Caroline Brigham. She was married to Mr. Woodberry Williamson Jan. 18th 1878, with whom she lived in perfect fidelity and concord until her demise.

She professed faith in Christ and joined the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Russellville, in 1874, at a meeting held by the Rev. R. G. Sims now of Texas.

Mrs. Williamson was not a spasmodic christian, religious while only at church, and zealous only during the progress of revivals, but she was a steady, every day christian in whose life the love of God was manifest in all she did.

Around her heart there seemed to be perennial sunshine that radiated to those about her. She was kind, loving, and true in everything. But with all her beautiful traits of character, and happy disposition, she was called home in the very prime of her life. She had assured her loved ones that she was not afraid of death, and now while they are weeping, she is basking in the glory world.

She was buried in the Williamson burying ground, services by the writer. She leaves a husband, four little children, a host of relatives and friends to mourn their loss, all of whom we commend to our Father in heaven who alone can bind up the broken hearted.


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Source: "Williamson, Sarah," Copy from Williamson family file, Pope County Library, Russellville, Arkansas. Retrived August 4, 2008. Originally published in the Russellville Democrat, 23 Novembr 1887.

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  1. AMY, These old obits tell a sad story, don't they? Married at 16; dead at 25; four surviving children. That she is your g-g-grandmother makes this Sarah/Sallie/Caroline special. You honor her short life with your remembrance.

    Terry Thornton