Friday, September 12, 2008

Adventures with Cordy, September 13, 1976

[Below is day 7 in a series of road trip diary installments. To get the full context, start with Adventures with Cordy: A Road Trip Diary and follow the trail from there. --Amy]

September 13, 1976 (Monday)

7:00 A.M. left Poplar Bluff, Mo. 8:30 A.M. crossed the Mississippi River into Illinois at Cairo, then the Ohio River into Kentucky. This is the merger point of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers and a beautiful sight it is. Had a bad breakfast at Paducah, which is a town consisting of mad surly people. We did not like this place and decided when Irvin S. Cobb and Alvin Barkley died all of the humor and wisdom went with them. We continued on to Evansville, Indiana for a pleasant visit with Ms. Joan Levie in a very fine jewelry store that Doris and Jack had ordered many of their fine porcelain "treasures" from. Doris purchased another beautiful piece and "ooh'd and ah'd" over many more. It was very apparent that Lynn was the most enthusiastic and interested member of the group. His interest in fine works of art was very evident, however he managed to restrain himself from making purchases. Doris, Jack and Imogene were amazed at this exhibit of self-control. We then continued to Owensboro, Kentucky where we had excelent suite accomodations at the "Big 6" Hotel and Lodge. Had Bar-B-Que'd Goat for dinner, "ugh".

Goat for dinner? Doesn't sound good. I wonder what about Paducah turned them off so much?

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