Thursday, September 11, 2008

Meme: Family Heirlooms

The topic brought up at GenBlog is: what heirlooms would you take with you in the event you have to leave your house in an emergency?

What a fitting subject, as I sit here and wait for hurricane Ike to knock on my door. We're staying put, but I do have an answer to the question, "what would you take?"

I don't have many original family heirlooms. I have a lot of copies and images of important papers. Because most evacuations are hurried, there really isn't time to grab anything that isn't human or animal. I'd grab the obvious breathing beings, my laptop (for records), my photo albums and one more thing.

This heirloom isn't even mine. It is a 1918 drawing of a baseball game done by my husbabnd's grandfather. I picked it because I think it's valuable enough to deserve a seat on the last plane out.

Please excuse the crooked photo. I had a ton of obstacles including glare from all sides. The ink drawing currently hangs in my husband's home office.

In getting my MLIS degree, I had training in archives and records management. I am all about preparing for disaster. I back everything up, and intend on sending copies to my family in California. You can't make too may back ups.

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