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Adventures with Cordy, October 1, 1976

[Below is days 25 in a series of road trip diary installments. To get the full context, start with Adventures with Cordy: A Road Trip Diary and follow the trail from there. --Amy]

October 1, (Friday)

Started a nine hour bus tour through the Washington area at 8:00 A.M. The high points of the tour were/:

1. The Capitol, where we were present for the opening of Congress, covering the last session for 1976. Doris hoped Carl Albert would not be there (because he beat Duda at a high school debate in 1928) but there he was, all five feet three inches of him. The Capitol Building is most impressive and delivers a thrill when you walk in, through, and out. We liked it!

2. The White House was equally impressive and after the tour Jack allowed as how he could see why President Ford did not want to move.

3. Lincoln Memorial is absolutely awe inspiring and has to be classed as one of the outstanding monuments of the World.

4. Washington Monument -- Terrific!

5. Jefferson Memorial -- Beautiful Setting!

6. Kennedy Art Center, A beautiful area with many wonderful exhibits, theaters, etc. Unfortunately, we arrived too late for a full tour and we were grouped with many others which prevented the leisurely showing that the place deserves. Among many other things the building housed one of the finest "Boehm" showings in the world. Time prevented the careful inspection that we would have liked. Doris drooled, and drooled and DROOLED! A minimum of two days and evenings could be spent here.

7. Arlington Cemetery, We considered this a wonderful tribute to all of those that gave their lives for the protection of our coutnry, even though only a small percentage are buried here. The "Changing of the Guards" at the Graves of the Unknown Soldiers is very impressive. There is a beautiful, reverent and fine spirit here that will not be found any other place.

Mount Vernon, By the time we journeyed down the beautiful Potomac and arrived heere we were all tired and thirsty so we visited a fine bar. The bartender put a triple shot of lemon juice in Jack's Vodka Sour (no Vodka) and he had a few dozen comments to make on this. Imogene got 7'up with her V.O. and she uttered a few words. Doris got a free 19-cent glass with a Bloody Mary so she just grinned. Lynn's $2.00 Beer was cold so he had no complaints. Anyway the little pot-bellied, pink-faced bartender was cute. Then to Mount Vernon, lovely setting and very interesting place. We realized as we went through that, again, we were short-timed. A full day could be spent here.

Then back down the Potomac on the highway (we could have returned by boat but elected not to because of cloudy weather, but on a clear day it is recommended) to the rendezvous with other buses for return trip to Motel. Our bus driver had a captive audience (5 people) so he continuously told jokes and he was really kind of cute. Nice looking young fellow, thinking "Look out Vegas, Here I Come." He may make it. Anyone that can herd a big bus through rush-hour Washington traffic and tell jokes at the same time has something going.

All in all it was a good trip and a great day.

The Duda named in the top of the entry is the brother of Lynn and Doris. Besides out debating Duda, Carl Albert was also Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. He also has a bunch of stuff named after him.

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