Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Short Updates

1. I finished both assginments in Lesson 1 of my NGS course. I'm in the process of reading for Lesson 2. One of the assignments has to do with family traditions. What you think of as a tradition is what NGS calls a custom. Traditions are more like stories handed down. I may reference my grandfather's South Central LA feed store in my assignment.

2. Remember when I sent away for all those Lenertz death certificates from Minnesota? Well, they arrived with more questions than answers. I'll elaborate at a later date. The Lenertz line can never be easy.

3. I am building a family tree from scratch using Family Tree Maker 2009. Up to this point, I've been using a combination of PAF, Ancestry and my brain to store all the names and dates. The Family Tree Maker tree is being done the right way with proper citations. I've been collecting sources all along, I just never made the time to connect it all in the right places. In genealogyland, sources are everything. It didn't happen unless you have a source, and it's not respected unless you have it cited correctly. Also, this FTM2009 software lets me make cool charts. I also can attach pictures and documents to people. It's not much to look at now, but once it gets built up, you (and by you I mean my family) will be impressed.

4. The NGS 2009 conference info is out. I'm a little sad I can't go. I will be at FGS 2009 and the So Cal Jamboree, so I'll just look forward to those.

5. To the family: When I am out in California (Dec 20-29), I'm thinking about taking a field trip into LA. Depending on time, I may want to see the Feed Store location (now a parking lot), the 117th Street house, the 95th Street house (didn't know about that one, did ya?), the graves of Buster's grandmother and Irene's parents, and maybe a visit to Pomona for icing on the cake. Let me know if there are any takers for this excursion. It will either be a weekend or after Christmas.


  1. I will go if it is after Christmas!! I can show you where I was born in Pomona. We pass it every time we head to the city & every time I tell the driver that is where I was born. To tell you the truth am not 100% sure I was born there. I have never been to the other places. Jeffery has asked me about them. I didn't even know my great grandmother was buried out here. If we go to LA then we can eat at Rocoes Chicken & Waffles.

  2. How's the course coming along? Learning anything knew?

  3. You might also want to look at the Luxemborg books presented to the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis, MN see this link