Thursday, January 29, 2009

G-Files and Orphan Records

Now that I have these manila folders (aka G-Files), I have a place for records that don't quite fit into the tree yet.

For example, I just printed out an obituary for a person named Lenertz who recently passed away in Minnesota. This person isn't in my tree (yet) but there is a good chance he/she should be. However, the obituary is only online for a few weeks at the most. Now I have a file folder for records that are waiting to be connected to my tree.

I call them "orphan records." I have folders for Lenertz orphans, as well as Baerecke orphans. I'm trying to see if my H. H. Barecke of Milwaukee is Harry Baerecke of Milwaukee. I have no information on H. H., but I've found some information on Harry's father, Max Baerecke. I'm starting to collect that in a folder to build a case on my hunch.

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