Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mail Bag Brings Medical History

[For those that need a background information, Frankie is my great-grandmother. She had five sisters. I know what happened to Frankie. I want to know more about her sisters. I've sent away for some records that may help me picture their lives. Periodically, I post what I've discovered.]

I received two more death certificates from Oklahoma. Door-to-door, it took about two weeks. I think the earlier ones I ordered took four.

Now I have death certificates for three of Frankie's five sisters. Two of the three lived long lives, but they had something in common: Huntington's disease.

Did anyone in my family know this? It's inherited.

Now I have to wait for the death certificates of the other two sisters to arrive from California to see if either of them suffered from the same affliction.


  1. Coming from a family of 5 with a few aunts, uncles & cousins, who I rarely saw, it just amazes me that we have all these extra family members that we knew nothing about. I do remember Aunt Ruth use to make involuntary movements & her lips were always moving even when she wasn't talking. I asked mom what was wrong with her I remember her saying she had something but I don't remember if it was Huntington's. But I remember as a kid it freaked me out. But one thing about her she was always dressed the the nines! So different then us country bumpkins.

  2. That is really interesting! Huntington's, huh? You got pretty quick response on that mail delivery! I found your post quite interesting.

  3. I hope that this not being common knowledge in your family means that it hasn't reappeared. And it underlines the importance of tracking down causes of death for family--my brother and I recently had an interesting conversation about this since he had no idea about all the strokes in one branch.