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Robert Hayward: Of the Highest Character and Most Sterling Worth

The Las Vegas Daily Optic, Las Vegas, New Mexico, Tuesday Evening, August 15, 1905, front page, bottom of left column:

Robert Hayward Dead

Las Vegas will regret sincerely to hear of the death of Robert Hayward which occurred at the home of his father, T. W. Hayward, this morning around 11 o'clock. Six weeks ago, while on his sheep ranch near Corona, Mr. Hayward contracted typhoid fever. He was brought to the city and every effort was made to save his life. It was believed the latter part of last week that he had passed the crisis of his disease and that the chances for recovery were good. Sunday evening a relapse came and since that time the loved ones who watched over him were sustained only by the hope that hopes against hope.

Deceased was born in Kansas. He was married nearly three years ago and his widow and one child are among those who most deeply mourn. Mr. Hayward was an industrious, intelligent young man of the highest character and most sterling worth.

By hard work and energy he had grown prosperous and life held much promise for him. For his family and relatives, Las Vegas people will entertain the warmest sympathy.

Arrangments for the funeral have not yet been made. Will Hayward arrived from El Paso this afternoon.

Robert Hayward was the second husband of my great-great grandmother, Marie Magdalena Schmitz. The daughter not mentioned by name is Violet Hayward (1901-1991). Marie's other daughter, Gertrude, is not mentioned in the article. She is Robert's step-daughter and my great-grandmother.

The T(homas). W(alter). Hayward mentioned in this article as father of Robert, may also be the T. W. Hayward who owns a local butcher shop. Ads for this store are in other editions of this same paper.

I believe the Will Hayward noted above as arriving from El Paso is a brother of Robert.

I did not know Robert Hayward had farm. By researching his life and death, I am learning about those events of my blood-related ancestors. They spent time on that sheep farm in rural New Mexico. How awful it must have felt for Marie to bury a second husband so young.

Marie Schmitz Baerecke Hayward did marry again. I don't know when she came to New Mexico or when she left, just that she's in Missouri for the 1920 census and spent her final years in California. Hopefully further study of the Las Vegas, San Miguel county, New Mexico area between 1892 and 1920 will shed some light Marie's life-event timeline and that of Robert's step-daughter Gertrude.

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