Thursday, February 12, 2009

Adequate Will Hunting

Did you see what I did there? (Points to the title)

I ventured to the web site for the Blue Earth County Historical Society the other day. In their search box, I entered the name "Lenertz," like I do with every search box on every genealogy/records web site. Normally, I get a "no results found" during this practice.

However, at BECHS, I got results! This is a good thing because my Lenertz line was all over Blue Earth County once upon a time.

One of the search items was a will for Alexander Lenertz. Hmmm...could that be my great-great-great grandfather? The 1879 date on the will sounds promising because that's the year he died.

I emailed the society and got a quote for the cost of recieving a copy of document. $13.00 and a request are on their way to Blue Earth County Historical Society this very day.

My Lenertz line is so difficult. I've yet to find anyone searching the same line as vigorously as I am. I feel like to lone U.S. Lenertz historian. I don't want to put any hopes on this record, but I could really use a breakthrough here.

I'll let you know how it goes...


  1. Oh my gosh, I feel your excitement and I am keeping my fingers crossed for you! Please let us know what you get in the mail!

  2. That is so exciting. I ususally enter my people and am still waiting for the day some of the pop up. They did pop up on and the LDS site.


    I want to help you maybe you have seen all the Lenertz in Minnesota--the Pilgrim's Rest and Oak Grove Cemetery listings in Mankato, Slue Earth County, MN look like a good place for you to start.

    Tom Hendricks
    Genealogy Twists & Turns