Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blogger Word Verification Not Working

I'm not crazy! There is a real problem leaving comments on Blogger. Others are discussing it in the Something is Wrong Google Group.

I have tried to leave comments on at leats 10 Blogger blogs. My attempt gets stuck at the word verification prompt. There is no word in the verification window...it just says "Loading..." With no word to verify, I cannot leave a comment.

I turned off word verification on this blog until Google irons things out. Others may want to weigh doing the same, or miss out on comments.


  1. Times like this, I'm glad I have wordpress! Hang in there!

  2. The odd thing about this glitch is that I often used to have word verification problem and even signing into Google would not help, but I haven't noticed it in the past couple of days (or maybe i just haven't been commenting on the blogs where it would cause me problems).

  3. Anyone ever find a solution to the issue? My word verification scrolls to the bottom of the screen where my readers can't use it - they then get stuck. I had to turn it off on my site.