Tuesday, February 3, 2009

DNA Testing in Progress

I know enough about DNA testing in genealogical circles to realize that it's pretty important. I've spent the last few months trying to understand enough to pick the *right* test from the *right* place. However, all this time later and I still don't quite get it.

I'm the kind of person that lives for today. I assume I and everyone else will be hit by a bus tomorrow. This assumption does not sit well with the fact that I still haven't picked a DNA test for my family yet.

So when Ancestry dropped the price of it's Paternal Lineage Test to $79, I decided just to bite the bullet and get that one. I don't know if it's the best or the worst, but it will tell me something about branches of my family for which I know little.

My dad agreed to take one test. That will help with those lovable-yet-pesky Lenertz men that worked hard, moved often, and left little recordable information on this Earth.

The second test is destined for someone who doesn't know about it and might read this blog, so we'll just leave it at that until I can perfect my DNA-testing elevator speech.

So where are we at right now? The tests should be on their way to us shortly. I'll let you know how it goes. Let hope nobody gets hit by a bus before the tests get here.


  1. Well I am thinking about getting a DNA test on Buster so we can know what his dog background is. Can I use this $79.00 test? In dog circles it cost about $200.00. It was your dad who turned me on to the idea.

  2. Is this a YDNA?
    If it's a Y12 test, yes it's a waste of time. It will merely tell you your haplogtoup & little else. I recommend taking the Y37 or Y67 with Family Tree DNA...which has the largest databases....& the most active participants.
    (I have no vested interest in this firm, just that i have seen apathetic results at other firms.)
    Gerry (UK)