Friday, February 27, 2009

Lenertz DNA & Thibodeaux DNA Results

I received my Y-DNA test results. It sounds like something out of the Maury Povich Show (YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER!!), but it's not that dramatic.

I'm not male, so these really aren't my results. They are those of two male members of my family. They pertain to the direct Thibodeaux male line and the direct Lenertz male line. The DNA females pass down is/are different.

Both the Thibodeaux (mom's side) and Lenertz (dad's side) results put my ancestors in the "R1b Haplogroup." You can Google that in quotations and get a general answer to what it means. Loosely, they came from Europe a very long time ago, which I expected.

I was able to search for others based on my family's DNA results. For the Lenertz line, the nearest living relation was in Great Britian. We shared a common ancestor 250 years ago. All this really means (I think) is that not many people have taken DNA tests and are in the database. We should find closer connections as more people buy into this process.

The same is the case with my Thibodeaux test. The nearest relative and I had a common ancestor 700 years ago. I really thought the Thibodeaux line would have more action. Guess not.

So now my family readers are asking "what does this mean?" Short answer: nothing. I just wanted to get the DNA testing done while we were all alive and kicking. I didn't expect any shocking conclusions.

In time, I expect more people will test their ancestral DNA and we will find more in common with others. Now I have to figure out how to get our info on the Internet so others can compare their DNA to ours.

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