Sunday, April 5, 2009

Baby's First APG Meeting

I joined the Association of Professional Genealogists in late 2008. At the same time, I became a part of the Lone Star APG chapter, the Texas representation of the bigger worldwide group.

This Lone Star chapter had a meeting in Waco yesterday and I went to it. Half of the group's membership showed up, which is a pretty good turnout given the size of the state and the distance that must be traveled.

Pat Hatcher, author of chapter 13 in the latest edition of Professional Genealogy, talked about time management for professional genealogists. During lunch we had conversation and a brief business meeting. Then there was a tour of the genealogy section of the Waco library.

I drove 7.5 hours round trip to attend a 3-hour meeting. Given the fine time I had and the wonderful people I met, I'd gladly do it again.


  1. Good for you - I am sure your presence was appreciated! Did they give a prize, like at a reunion, for the one that traveled the farthest distance?

  2. You Go Girl! Sounds like you are doing this year what I did (and contining to do ) last year. Off the diving board, into the deep end - Feet First! Not so bad is it? See you at So. Cal. Jamboree!