Monday, April 13, 2009


I finished my assignment for ProGen3 today. It's still in draft mode, but I don't have to think on it anymore. I'll go back in a few days and edit.

This month the task was to create an education plan. The problem with genealogy is that there's no clear path. You just sort of collect knowledge along the way until you have a full basket. Each person's basket is different.

My educational plan includes national conferences, a couple week-long institutes, and more. It's a pretty vanilla plan. I also had to include costs, which is nothing to sneeze at when you add it up.

Of course certification is on the list. I hope when I'm done with ProGen, the NGS course and the other things on my list, I'll be ready to face that portfolio.

The rest of my "spare" time today was spent uploading old family photos to my Geni tree. I'm using that site as a photo back up option.

Tomorrow I will start on Lesson 6 (of 16) of the NGS course. I can't believe I'm doing that and ProGen at the same time.

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