Thursday, May 14, 2009

NGS 2009 Conference Recap for May 14

Holy heck, I'm tired. I honestly didn't know what day it was. I had to look it up in order to title the blog post.

Today at the NGS conference was great! My morning session was a double: the BCG certification Q & A. It was the same format as you see in the video on the BCG web site, but the audience asked some different questions. I'm glad I saw the video. I'm glad I went to this session. Each added to my knowledge. I am not at all ready for CG, but I know what to expect now and it isn't as scary as I once made it out to be.

Next I went to a newspaper-searching session with Paula Stuart-Warren. That was a great class. The discussion sparked a new research approach for me. I feel like my direction was rotated just 10 degrees and it made all the difference.

After lunch I went to Carolyn Earle Billingsley's "The Reality of Researching our Indian Ancestry." While I was waiting for the session to start, I thought of some new approaches I needed to try with my Chickasaws. Those ideas are pretty much what Dr. Billingsley talked about, so now I feel all special for thinking like an expert. She's a great, entertaining speaker. See her if you can.

The last session I went to was "Getting the Most from Family Tree Maker." I have FTM 2009, but haven't had much time to play with it. I didn't learn anything new from the session, but it had some great reminders. It was interesting and fast-paced.

For dinner, I went out with members of all 3 Pro Gen groups. It was great to put faces with names. I had so much fun. It was nice to meet everyone!

After dinner, I crashed the APG meeting of the chapter reps. They discussed the upcoming board meeting. It's probably safe to say the big issues that bug you and me are the same ones they'll be talking about tomorrow. It was interesting to see how things work behind the scenes. Everyone is so dang nice!

Then after that, I hung out with someone after 7pm! My wish from last night came true. Her name tag said my town, but it was wrong. She recently moved. Oh well. Ranee, it was great talking with you.

That's it for today. I'm so tired, I don't even have the strength to put links in everywhere. You're genealogists, you figure it out. ;)


  1. Amy, I think I can say for all of us not there @ the conference, "Thank you for all the updates!" [Oh, and the Tweets, too!]


  2. You go, Girl! Sounds like you are making the most of your time there. As Aunt Laurie always says, "You can sleep next week!"

  3. Heck, if you're not ready for CG, then I shouldn't even THINK about it! Glad you're having such a great time and got to stay out with the grown-ups tonight! ;-)