Saturday, June 6, 2009

Even Blogs Need a Vacation

This blog and it's brilliant writer are taking a break for a bit. The good news is that there will still be posts released during the specified chill period. Many will have a vacation theme. The bad news is that I cannot approve comments or answer emails during this time. You can still email me, I just won't answer until my exile period is up.

What's the deal with the house with legs, you ask? In March 2007, I went to Seaside, Texas. There were several houses in various conditions of disrepair along the beach. This house stood fine, but had no stairs. From what I can gather, these houses used to be on private land, but erosion took that away and then they were on public beach. Some people moved their houses. Some just abandoned them. Of course, it's a non-issue now thanks to Hurricane Ike. I doubt the House with Legs is still there. Luckily, it lives on here.

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