Monday, June 29, 2009

SCGS09 Post 3

I was up early for the final day of the SCGS 2009 Jamboree. The first session I attended was Leland Meitzler's talk on maps, atlases and gazetteers. I love maps and Meitzler didn't disappoint. I came away with some new places to look at old maps.

The second session for me discussed the ins and outs of A good speaker is one who can continue when the technical equipment stages a strike. Thomas Jay Kemp didn't miss a beat as three different tech people tried to fix the connection. I learned some new things about the subscription service. I like what Kemp had to say, I like what is coming, and continue to be happy with my subscription to the service. Nobody told me to say that. I'm just a satisfied customer.

I spent the second half of the day socializing, which wasn't as flighty as it sounds. Anybody who has been to a really good conference knows half of the value comes from what you learn outside the sessions. In my case, I had some great face time and friend time with other bloggers. No topic was off limits and I learned a great deal about the state of the business of genealogy, what companies are (and aren't) doing, and what to expect in the future. These are the tidbits that don't get covered in sessions, so when you go to a conference, be sure to get out there and network.

I may have one more post on this subject, but it will have to wait a few days as I make the transition from conference attendee to visiting daughter and finally back to mom at home. Next on the calendar are a ProGen chat next week and a quick family history trip to Cajun country in July.


  1. Amy,
    It was so great to meet you at Jamboree. You are a dynamo! I'll love reading your blog even more now that we've met.

  2. Amy, I wanted to ask you about ProGen, and the time slipped by. Rats. Next time. . .

    It was wonderful to meet you. Hope to see you on a return visit to California.

  3. WOW-----I know what you mean about "socialing with the other genealogist" not being a waste of time. There is a wealth of information amongst our "experts". They are very friendly people. Great blog!