Friday, July 10, 2009

Catching Up

I have been so busy lately doing many different things. Each little task is important in its own way, but none is really worthy of a blog post on its own. I decided to combine all the details into one post.

First, I'm working on the details for an upcoming Acadia Parish, Louisiana road trip. I have one great-great grandparent who came to the area from Belgium in the 1880's and another who came from France at the same time. I'm pretty sure my Thibodeaux branch has been there (and St. Landry parish before that) since the 1700's but until I can sort the mess out, I don't know which Pierre Thibodeaux is mine. What's funny is that when I moved to Texas, I did not know I was only 3 hours away from so much family history.

This week I have been trying to find out where everyone is buried and gathering directions to those cemeteries. I also have an appointment in the research room of the public library. I also went to the Clayton Library to see what they had on Acadia Parish. I didn't get much more than I already had.

Construction has begun on my website. I've had a domain name for years now, figuring it would come in handy one day when I became famous. Since that's not gonna happen, I figure I'll just do something genealogy-related with it. At this rate, the site should be up by 2015. Mark your calendar.

I've also had contact with several different distant cousins this week. That's the way it seems to work for me--no contact for months then they come out of the woodwork. I am really thrilled to meet these people and share information. Hopefully I'll have some time in the next few days to write more in detail about what I've found.

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