Tuesday, September 1, 2009

FGS Recap Day 1

My initial plan for this day of my stint at the Federation of Genealogical Societies conference in Little Rock was to just get my badge and attend an evening event. Real simple, right?

In the lobby, I ran into some of the Lone Star APG members. We all went over together to get our badges. Then we went to the ice cream social where I saw some more people that I knew, including the Genealogy Guys of podcasting fame.

After the afternoon social, some of the Lone Star posse met in the hotel bar for a different kind of social hour. I just stayed with the group because they're fun genealogists and I adore them the more I get to know them.

The happy hour group then joined with some other Lone Star APG members for a dinner/meeting. This was also fun and informative.

After dinner, the party made their way to the APG round table. The topic was about genealogy and the law. Five panelists talked about their professional genealogy work and their relationship with the legal system. The audience was able to ask questions as well. This was a great session. I was just sorry it was only face-to-face. I wish there had been a way to share the information in this session with APG members who cannot come to national conferences.

When the Round Table was over, there was a little party for APG's 30th anniversary. We each got an APG pin and a giant cake was served.

Tomorrow is the APG Professional Management Conference. Whew!

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