Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Hurricane Ike Edition

The one-year anniversary for Hurricane Ike is coming up. My Wordless Wednesday will make note of the day...only it won't be wordless:

This is my son's school playground. Those fallen wires are the reason we didn't have power for 14 days after the hurricane. Each day, with nothing else to do, my son and I would walk from our quiet, dark house down to the school to see if any utility companies were working on the wires. Given the size of the region and the massive scope of the problem, I knew we were low on the list for repair. My son and I would talk as we walked along to and from the school. Day 5, day 6, day 7... they'd pass with no change. Finally on day 13, we saw a truck. It was just one truck with one utility worker, but it was a truck! On day 14, we saw many utility trucks. They were from Georgia and Florida. They drove all the way here, away from their own families to help ours. The principal of our school opened the building so the workers would have restroom facilities and seating. Parents came and grilled food for the workers. That hurricane sucked. It destroyed lots of people and lots of places. But what I choose to remember are the walks I had with my son, the utility workers who helped us and the neighborhood who in turn helped them. This is why I live here, and that's what I think about when I see this picture. Looking back--which is easy to do when you have power--I have a lot of positive memories of those walks with my son. I think he feels the same way, but given his age, he'd never admit it.


  1. Nicely said! Your positive attitude will take you far and is such a good example for your son!