Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday: Jackpot Edition

In July of this year, I visited St. Joseph Cemetery in Iota, Louisiana. I have a great-great grandmother buried there as well as various aunt, uncle and cousin types. I took a checklist with me and crossed off names as I found their graves.

When I came to the grave shown below, I was quite excited. Can you guess why?

Genealogists are well aware of the challenge of trying to determine ancestors' foreign birthplaces, and here they were all spelled out in stone. These are my third great uncle and aunt. Jules' sister is my great-great grandmother. Julia's brother is my great-great grandfather. Yes, one brother and sister pair married another sister and brother pair. I am especially excited to see the birthplace information because I can't find the burial site for my great-great grandparents. At least I know where they came from.

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