Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - A Nice Thing

Randy Seaver of Genea-Musings provides a "Saturday Night Genealogy Fun" topic each week and invites others to play along. Tonight's topic is a question: What is the Nicest Thing another genealogist did for you, or to you in the last week or so?

Thank goodness Randy put a cap on how far I could go back, because genealogists are the nicest people, and I have a long list of good deeds. Here are examples of kindness I've encountered within the time frame:

1. I received an email last week from someone who knew of my interest in the surname Menou. He said he gathered 11 pages of his own research (he wasn't even blood related) and sent them to me. I was touched my his generosity in his introductory letter and baffled as to how he got my address. Then in looking through my own mail I noticed my first newsletter from Pointe de L'Eglise: Acadia Genealogical & Historical Society. In the "welcome new members" section were my name, mailing address and surnames of interest. What a warm welcome to this new society. Now I also have 11 pages of Menou information thanks to an act of kindness from a new friend.

2. Earlier this week I was browsing and noticed that someone else had a common ancestor with me. A few clicks and I found a photo of the great-great-great grandmother I had never seen. How exciting! The user was kind enough to give me permission to share the picture with others as well as publish it on this blog. Thanks to the generosity of a distant cousin, you will see this picture in an upcoming post.

I thank Randy for providing this blog prompt. I can't wait to go to other genealogy blogs and read about the good deeds of others.

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