Saturday, November 28, 2009

Surname Saturday: Williamson

This week's name in my family tree is Williamson. This is a common name. I'm most interested in the Williamson lines that were in Russellville, Pope County, Arkansas from the 1830's until now.

I have done extensive research on the Pope County Williamsons. They were there a long time and had children who stayed there a long time. They were active in church, government and local activities---which is good because they created a lot of records.

My great-great grandfather was William Woodberry Williamson. His father ws John Laurens Williamson. His father was John R. Williamson.

The eldest Williamson was active in state politics during Arkansas' formative years.

Before Pope County, the Williamsons were in Tennessee. I know this much, but have not done research for the line that far back.

I have lots of documentation about the Williamson genealogy in this place. If you have a connection to Pope County (even if it's not Williamson family history), please let me know and we can share notes.

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