Wednesday, December 30, 2009

COG 87 - New Year's Genealogy Resolutions

It's that time of year again: genealogy resolutions for 2010.

First, let's look back at how I did with my 2009 resolutions.

I had some specific goals related to readership, statistics and this blog. I am happy to say that I have exceeded all of those goals. It just amazes me how many people read this blog on a regular basis. Thank you.

As for my personal family research, I was about 50/50. I did well with the Lenertz line, but didn't do much with the Colberts. I did order some microfiche from the Family History Library, so I'm giving myself a gold star for that. The Thibodeauxs are still difficult. I did make progress during a road trip, however.

As for professional goals...I did write stuff and get it published, so yay me. In 2009, I also said I would have a timeline for starting the CG clock. Well you know what? I've changed my mind. No CG in my immediate future. Frankly, it's lost its luster to me. Perhaps in time I will find it essential to my professional goals, but not now.

So what's up for 2010?

1. Earn more money from genealogy endeavors than I did last year. That shouldn't be hard as the amount of $ between my couch cushions exceeds my genealogy income for 2009.

2. Get two articles published. Also not hard.

3. Increase FeedBurner readership by 33%. Increase daily blog views by 50%. I really think I can do both of these with a little work/marketing.

4. Complete ProGen and my NGS course. Also, I need to find a way to fit 3 extra hours in the day to accomplish this.

5. Continue to work on my perfect 100% sourced database in RootsMagic. It really is a thing of beauty.

6. Be thankful every day for my genealogy blog readers and friends. Also, try to give back in kind all they have given me.

Happy New Year. It's gonna be a good one, genealogically speaking.


  1. Thanks for the reminder and the great ideas for goals. Most are way to lofty for one such as I, but I know you can do it.
    Wishing you blessings for the upcoming year.

  2. Hi Amy, this is inspires me to make my own list. I was wondering where you publish articles and also how you make money off genealogy? Do you offer your services? Happy New Year!

  3. Great goals, Amy! I am so excited for 2010!

  4. Excellent goals, Amy! Good luck!


  5. It's great you have your resolutions nailed down and ready to go, just stay focussed and it will be achieved, good luck and best wishes on your 2010 goals

  6. Astrid, I've written articles for various web sites and such. All but one have been for free, but I have my eye on print this year. I have an idea, I just need to get it on paper and submitted. I keep writing to get my name out there. Some of the writing I've done as barter, where I get something in return. I count that toward my money jar.

  7. Amanda, I've learned a lot in the last year about what's considered "professional genealogy," not all of it positive. I'm questioning if a CG designation really shows a complete spectrum of research skills. This opinion wouldn't sit well with the higher ups in the field, so I haven't really talked about it much. Coming from a library perspective, I just see things differently. I might pursue a CG in time, but for now I think I'll make it fine without it.

  8. First... if you find a way to add 3 extra hours to the day, please blog about it so the rest of us can take advantage of your awesomeness.

    Second... I'm currently basking in the beauty of your 100% perfectly sourced RootsMagic database. When you're tired of working on yours, mine sure needs a whole lot of work! ;-)

    Third... Happy New Year and good luck on all your other goals!!

  9. Thanks for the New Year's Wishes.

    I have to point out that my 100% sourced tree has about 50 people in it right now. I started from scratch (with me as the home) and went from there. It takes a long time to do those dang sources, hence the small tree. But it will grow, trust me!

  10. Happy New Year too. I wish you good luck with all your goals, especially your writing, as I enjoy reading what you write ;).

    Have fun in 2010!