Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Acquisition: The Sigel Regiment

My copy of The Sigel Regiment: A History of the 26th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, 1862-1865, by James S. Pula arrived in the mail this week.

Normally this is not my type of reading material, but my great-great-great grandfather served in that group, so that has me suddenly interested in military history. Did you know they fought at Gettysburg?

My ancestor's name is on page 416: Maximilian Baerecke of Company I, Wenze Guard.

At some point, I'll find time to read it. Military history is complex for my distracted mind, so I have to take it slow.

I've added this book to my LibraryThing account. Feel free to check it out and see what I own.

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  1. How cool is that! I have to have visuals to follow when I read something like that. Usually a map works. Pictures of uniforms maybe.