Friday, December 4, 2009

New and Improved

(Normal) I've been trying to publish all my posts in larger print, but sometimes I forget.

(Large) I just went back and enlarged the print on the last few posts.

(Normal) What do you think?

(Large) Do you like the larger print? Is it easier to read?

(Normal) The only problem with larger print is that it extends the length of the posts significantly.

(Large) Is everyone ok with that? You just might have to do a little more scrolling with your mouse to read the longer posts.

(Normal) Comment below and let me know.


  1. As my eyes get older, I find I appreciate large type more and more. I think this is an improvement.

  2. Either one works for me but I too like the larger size. You might - and I say might - want to fool with the margins so that you expand the main middle column. But this is a nightmare with CSS.

  3. I'm probably the oldest of those that have commented so far, but the "small" print is not that bad for my 66-year old eyes.

    I have my font size set to "Larger" anyway so your larger font size shows only six to eight words now.

    You could pick a template that expands to fill the browser page (on my computer, your blog has left and right margins with inches of unused space)

    Another thing to consider is long URLs if you use them - they will slop over into second lines if you use the larger font.

    I read almost everything in a reader and so the font size doesn't matter much to me.

  4. I like the larger type, but Randy makes a good point about the url length. From a type and layout perspective... larger type usually does better with a longer line length (like Thomas said) which could be a hassle to configure. The normal size is still bigger and more readable than quite a few blogs I come across.

  5. As one of the younger bloggers, both sizes work for me. I do find it annoying when there are only a few words on a line though. I would also suggest a template with wider margins. But when reading it on my iphone the smaller templates are easier to zoom into the size that I can read them and not have to move back and forth. I think this is one of the items that everyone is going to feel differently and you need to decide what you like best.

  6. Large works for me! Getting old ya know but I can read the smaller font too, so what works best for you. Either way, I will still be reading your posts.

  7. Amy, Thanks for letting us have a say, that is nice of you. Since I really have eye problems, I vote for the large. But either size, I will always find a way to read your post.

  8. I love the large writing, but I don't use it because I can't fit stuff right. If I change my template, then it messes up all that I have posted. I learned that early on:). But I do like it!

  9. Amy,
    I struggled with this very issue with the CGSL eNews. Our membership is a little older so I experimented with using a larger font size. Ultimately I wasn't happy with how it looked. The great thing about technology is that folks can adjust their own computer monitors if they need a larger display.

    Hey - maybe we can get Thomas to write a "how to" so we can link to it? All in favor of a MacEntee tutorial on how to customize a display – raise your hands!

  10. I will gladly work on a tutorial, once I get these cookies out of the oven . . .

  11. If I find that the print is hard to read I just Ctrl+ so it really doesn't matter to me.

  12. I can read either one, but I do like the larger type a lot.

    I was just hoping Thomas might do a tutorial on customizing our display, especially expanding the columns (it's actually one of my Secret Genealogy Ambitions) - Kathryn, great minds think alike!

  13. Large print for me. If the print is too small I will not read the blog.

  14. I stopped using the larger font on my posts because I was having formatting problems. I do need a larger font so if I'm reading a blog that is too small I either use Readability (which doesn't work here) or like Earline, Ctrl+

    With your narrow column you might want to stay with the standard font.