Monday, January 4, 2010

I May Already Be a Winner

Remember my super sad tale of Amy and the Empty Empty computer? I wrote it as an entry into a drawing for a free copy of Handy Backup.

Well I received word today that I won! Granted, it was a random drawing, but I think the random gods just felt sorry for me. I'm lucky the library police didn't confiscate my degree for operating with a duct-tape backup system. Now I'm going streamlined!

Thank you and Novosoft LLC (makers of Handy Backup).

2010 is already better than 2009.


  1. Congratulations Amy. I rarely win anything and when it comes to the blog giveaways I don't usually enter because I know it costs them too much to send it to Canada.

  2. Congratulations!!!

  3. Wow....congrats Amy. Like Lori, I rarely win contests, so I don't enter...which is why I don't This is a great beginning to 2010 for you.

  4. Congratulations! After reading your story I plan to back up my computer data at least once a week.