Saturday, January 9, 2010

Surname Saturday: Baerecke / Barecke

The subject of this week's Surname Saturday is Baerecke, sometimes spelled Barecke. It is the maiden name of my great-grandmother, Gertrude Eleanor. I have traced the name back two more generations to my great-great-great grandfather Maximilian "Max" Baerecke.

If Max sounds familiar, it's because he is the subject of my Anatomy of a Military Pension File series.

Based on records in my possession, Max was born 24 August 1827. He gave his birthplace as Eisenach, Saxony, Germany. I have not yet done research across the pond. Max came to America, married and raised a family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Baerecke / Barecke is an unusual surname (in the U.S.) that is misspelled countless different ways. In my research, I have seen other Baerecke records and people that don't appear to be related to my Max. Nonetheless, I am interested in corresponding with any other researchers who have Baerecke / Barecke / Barrecke or similar names in their lines.


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