Saturday, January 30, 2010

What I Did This Week

This week I did lots of little activities. Each task is not worthy of its own post, but I thought I'd write them down anyway.

On Wednesday, I went to my local family history center and ordered some microfilms. I'm looking for the marriage record of Harry Baerecke and Mary/Mollie/possibly Amelie Schmitz/Schmidt. I am hoping there might be some information on the bride's parents. I ordered a second set of films in relation to death records for Harry Baerecke. He died five years after his marriage. So sad. Hopefully these items arrive in time for my proof argument assignment for ProGen, because that was my motivation for requesting them at this time.

On Thursday, I turned in my ProGen assignment. The topic this month was evidence analysis. The task was to collect and analyze the documents we had that will be used in the upcoming proof argument. I also tweaked this blog a bit, simplifying the valuable real estate to the right of the text and switching to a tag cloud.

On Friday, I worked on a special project I am doing for someone else. I haven't talked about it here. I am hoping when it's done, I can write about it. What I can say is that it is very fun and the person to whom it will be delivered will be pleased.

So that's what I've been doing in the genealogy world this week. Little things that may lead to big rewards.

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  1. Must have been a week to go to the Family History Center. I ventured there this week myself.