Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yet Another Rung on the ProGen Ladder

I just turned in my 11th assignment for ProGen. This one was definitely not my favorite task. It had to do with contracts and rates. If you do genealogy as a business, you really need a contract and this month we had to write our own.

Do you know what I learned? I have no business writing contracts. I'm a little surprised this was a task at all because I think contract writin' should be left to the legal professionals. However, I have a zillion questions as to why things are different in the genealogy world so this one just has to get in line.

The second portion of the task had to do with setting rates and studying one's local market. This was an eye opener for me. The Houston-area market was not as packed and saturated as I thought it was.

I am glad I had to do this assignment because I learned a lot. I am also glad it's over.

Can't wait to see what's next.


  1. Ah, contracts. They don't sound like fun, but it makes sense to have one.

    Hm, because there aren't as many genealogists in Houston, does that mean you can charge more? LOL

  2. I have to disagree with you about only legal professionals writing contracts. I used this exercise to write a standard piece of text that I insert into the email in which I respond to client requests, and it saves me from having to remember each time to mention payment up front and photocopies and postage and how there are no guarantees and so on.

    It's a lifesaver, and I am so glad I was forced to do this back then. I have updated it a few times since then, and created separate versions for record retrievals, brick wall research, and family tree building. I will turn it into a written contract when I need to.


  3. My true interest are the complex problems that might require much time and money. I hope at some point to do heir searching and other messy problems in the orbit of the legal field.

    For my own security, I would like a contract that enforces my requirements, yet also protects me from various bumps, errors and misfortunes in the genealogy road. Sort of a "Cover Your Ass" clause and I personally would feel better having someone who knows what they're talking about write that out for me.

  4. LOL! That assignment was not one of my favorites either Amy. that and the mission statement. I am not going to the moon for cripes sake!

  5. At least it's another assignment over! I'd be happier having a legal expert draw up the contract too - or at least check it over for ommissions or areas which may give future problems...

  6. Good for you, Amy!

    In this day and age when everyone wants to sue everybody (for nothing!) you need to have something to protect yourself.

    Now, on to your next assignment! :)