Saturday, March 13, 2010

Personal Genealogy Day

You've heard of "personal days" at work? Well yesterday I took a personal genealogy day.

I haven't worked on my own family stuff in weeks. I've been doing homework for ProGen, writing articles, maintaining this blog, taking my kid to see trains, running a household, etc. So yesterday I just cleared the calendar and resumed working on my RootsMagic database that I started building from scratch last year.

I worked on the Bourgaux/Menou lines in Acadia Parish, Louisiana. I entered in the details from the death certificates and obituaries of my great-great grandparents. I found a recent online obituary from a cousin I've never met from that line and added those details to the database as well.

Then I sent a letter to complete stranger/cousin asking for family information. I enclosed a picture of our ancestors in my letter to show that I'm sincere and not some stalker freak. We'll see how that goes.

This personal genealogy day came at the right time. I really enjoy working on this database, each fact having a source. It's so small right now and takes so long to add information correctly, but the end result will be worth it.

Now back to real life and the responsibilities it entails. Laundry doesn't care about family history.


  1. Go Amy! A genealogist's version of a Spa Day.

  2. Good for you, Amy! You are my inspiration to get back to my own research which has been on a seriously long back-burner. I've been threatening to start a personal blog for over a year now but I can't think of a good name. :(

  3. I liked that idea. I too think the weather has been so lovely, I been thinking about "playing hooky"

    Have a great day and many more like those you wrote about.