Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday: Eternal Saint Edition

While photographing my own ancestors' gravestones at St. Joseph Cemetery in Iota, Louisiana, I came across this memorial. I'm not related to this person, I just thought it was a touching tribute. Hugh must have been quite a fan. Someone mourned his loss enough to come down to the cemetery and celebrate the Saints' Super Bowl victory (wife's name blurred as she is still living).

I love how the flowers are the team's colors. 


  1. Who dat! :) My uncle used to have a dentist office in Iota (retired).
    Hey, let me know next time you visit SW LA. I might be able to recommend good eats.
    Craving boudin here in L.A. :(

  2. When I visited St. Gertrude Cemetery in Des Allemands, St. Charles Parish recently there were many graves with the flowers and other items showing the Saints victory.It was a shock at first but after seeing several it made you feel good that so many people were sharing this with their (deceased) relatives.