Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Hang Up and Drive Edition

Sorry, I can't let this one be wordless. This picture is part of a stack that belonged to my grandparents. There are some travel photos in the stack, too. I don't know if they stumbled upon this while on vacation, or if this occurred during the brief time my grandfather worked for an oil company in Bartlesville, Oklahoma (which I'm guessing was Phillips 66).

Guess we'll never know, but judging by the crowd this was big news in some small town.


  1. Oil in my family also---from oil wells in the LA area inspected by my Uncle Loyd, all my cousins involved in drilling for oil in Bakersfield to Barstow Calif, Grandpa John Paul working the Mobile (flying horse) refineries in the LA area to my brother as an instrument engineer on the Alaskan pipeline. Days of money, fast cars and fun fun fun!! LOL hot hot in California dessert to upper north Alaska cold! Hard work for the men.

  2. It probably was a hot topic for weeks. My dad liked to take photos of something in hopes, I suppose of it making it into the local paper.

  3. Thought you might find this site interesting to go with your picture.