Thursday, April 8, 2010

Anatomy of a Military Pension File, Part 16

Previously, I reported on the acquisition of my great-great-great grandfather's military pension file. The documents contained within paint a picture of a man and his family about which I knew very little. I've decided to share this 103-page treasure with you a few pages at a time.

Page 31: Surgeon's Certificate of Ordinary Disability

The document says:

I hereby certify, that Max Baerecke Private unattached 15th Infantry is incapable of performing the duties of a soldier, for the following reasons: He has asthma.

And I further certify, that during the last two months, the said Invalid has been under medical treatment by me Sixty days; and in the hospital, Sixty days; And therefore, in the opinion of the undersigned, the interest of the Service requires that he should be discharged from the Army.

Given at New Orleans, La. 29th day of April, 1848. Charles McCormick, Asst. Surgeon

The above named Max Baerrecke was enlisted by Lt. Wright of the ___ Regiment of ___ on the 15th day of August 1847, at Milwaukee. He is 5 feet 4 inches high, 20 years of age, and by profession a Farmer. During the last three months, the said Invalid Soldier, now recommended to be discharged, has been on the sick list 90 days, and has been reported fit for duty, during the same period 0 days.

Discharged this 30th day of April 1848, at New Orleans; in conformity with the XXXII Article, (revised) "General Regulations for the Army," and directions received from General Headquarters dated ___

(signed) Geo M Brooke

What did I learn from this document?

Well, it seems to me to be a pretty important piece of paper for Max in applying for a military pension because it shows that he has medical issues. 

He's 5'4". Is that short or normal for the time? I suspect it's normal, but what do I know? I'm vertically challenged as well. 

So now Max is a 20 year-old asthmatic discharged from the military. What does he do next? I know he went back to Milwaukee because he eventually married there. But how did he fill his life until then? Farming? Did he have his own farm? Did he have any family in the area? I haven't found any other Baerecke folk there yet. Just another avenue I have to research.

Coming up, a handwritten letter. Who wrote it any why is it in the file? Stay tuned...

[Note: page 32 is just a cover for page 31. There is no valuable information contained within, so I skipped it.]

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