Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another ProGen Update

Today I turned in my assignment for this month's ProGen topic. Can you believe I'm already on month 13? I think there are 18 months, so I'm almost done.

April's task had to do with writing research reports. Several examples were given in the Professional Genealogy book. I opted for a letter-style report. Mine wasn't an actual report, but a sample I produced for the assignment. It included a letter to an imaginary client, a description of the work performed, an attached document that met the client's need (with appropriate citation included) and an invoice.

The invoice wasn't part of the assignment, but the report samples indicated them as attachments, so I decided to make one. I'm glad I did because the document came out great and now I have a template I can use in the "real world."

The good thing about the ProGen experience is that each person brings something different to the table. The bad thing about ProGen is that I always feel weird for bringing something different to the table. I have no idea how my assignment will be received. I did my best, however, and I learned a lot. In the end, that's all that really counts.

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