Monday, April 5, 2010

The Simple Things

This weekend was pretty low key for me. My family is in another state, so there was no big Easter celebration.

I worked on my RootsMagic database. This is the one that I started from scratch, where every fact has a source. How is it going? Slowly but surely.

I've been concentrating on the 16 great-great grandparents and their various offspring. This weekend I worked on census facts for these people. I also added some Arkansas marriage records thanks to

The work doesn't provide immediate results, but I can see a really strong tree forming. When I play with the report features, I'm impressed. When I look at a person's profile and see the row of check marks telling me I have sources and citations for each fact, I am happy.

My database be a good product. It will never be complete, but it's on its way to being awesome.


  1. Well done, Amy - it sounds like you had a satisfying weekend. I've been working on my first-ever presentation which is on Thursday as my family aren't "big" on Easter

  2. I am proud of you. I've considered going back to do that. Great concept - sounds like great execution, as well.


  3. Nice Amy! Sounds like you got a lot accomplished!

  4. Nice Amy! Sounds like you got a lot accomplished this weekend.

  5. Hi Amy! I enjoy your blog. I write a blog entitled Genealogy Frame of Mind - its over at
    I'm giving you the Ancestor Approved Award. Stop on by & grab it off my page!

  6. I am forwarding the "Ancestors Approved Award" your way. You are such a supporter, and always a blog I look forward to reading. the picture is on my blog at


  7. Amy, I like what you are doing with you "from scratch" RootsMagic database. I have started a similar project with my data. You last two sentences ("My database [will] be a good product. It will never be complete, but it's on its way to being awesome.")

    On our way to awesome! I like that

  8. JO of Scottish Genalogist - Iam trying to present your Ancestor award. I cannot find a place to do so. So for give me Amy as i do it here.
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