Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Busy Busy Bee

Things have been busy here lately. My part-time job has been really fun. I try to keep it out of my personal genealogy blog, but it's so new and interesting. Social media haven't fully been explored in the genealogy field, so  it's fun to push buttons and see what happens.

On top of that, I have a paying gig doing research on a prominent Houston family (locals: think GRB). The subject matter is fascinating, but my son doesn't think so. Poor guy has to go with me on research trips, but he's old enough to be responsible for his own entertainment. All those hours I've spent waiting for trains to come...I'm cashing in those chips.

My ProGen experience is winding down, but not before a huge assignment that's due at the end of summer. More on that later.

All these things keep me from doing any personal research right now, but that will change once I can get the temporary tasks done.

This is just a check-in post. More to follow when I can catch my breath.


  1. Whew, you are having a busy summer! Hope you get a chance to relax soon!

  2. How neat it is to be paid to do fun things!

  3. Busy is good!

    I'm envious of the self-amusing child. Someday...

  4. Amy, it made me tired just reading it all, but it sounds very exciting. Good luck!

  5. You're still "doing" genealogy and will be able to share later. Good luck, have fun and just check in to say hello once in a while.

  6. As I said to no one in particular a couple of days ago - Taking on paying clients is definitely not for Sissies!

    But it certainly validation of your skills and experience and I for one really like it!