Friday, June 18, 2010

Fun With Search Terms

With the weekend just a few time ticks away and me still trying to catch up from being at Jamboree, I've decided today is a great day for more Fun With Search Terms!

Periodically, I like to look at my blog's site statistics and see the keywords used to find my site. Here's what I found this round:

"john robert williamson" and "pope county"
What a coincidence! I have a John Robert Williamson of Pope County (Arkansas) in my family tree. He is my 4th great grandfather. How I wish  the blog visitor who found my blog would have contacted me. This type of search on my direct ancestors happens often. Wonder if we could have compared notes?

photos of Cameron, Louisiana
Go to flickr and type "Cameron Louisiana" into the search box. Your results will be public photos that have been tagged with Cameron AND Louisiana.

being rock stars
That information is confidential, sorry.

How to get free access to
Many public libraries offer free access to special library editions of and HeritageQuest. Contact your local public library to see if they do.

Pleasanton Family History Expo
This person may have been looking for the California Family History Expo, which is happening in Pleasanton, October 8-9 2010.

week 16 52 weeks to better genealogy
Ok, to the person who found me using this search string: just email me! I wrote the darn series; I have them all! Here's #16:

16. Check out the online library catalog of a university. You may use one close to you, or one in the area of your research. Colleges and universities have wonderful archives, many of which are valuable to historical research. Browse around the library website and investigate the various archival collections. Make note of ones that may assist you in your own research. Genealogy blog authors are encouraged to write about what they find and share the details for benefit of their readers.

history Lenertz family
Dude, if I had this, my genealogy and my life would be pretty complete. This unique surname is both a blessing and a curse. Contact me if you're interested in it. We can write the Lenertz family history together.


  1. Re flickr - if one wants to use the photos found there in any way, make sure they have a Creative Commons license permitting such use. I've found a better search engine for finding photos on flickr is flickrCC