Friday, June 4, 2010

Pre-Conference Prep

I don't have anything exciting for the ol' blog this week. School just got out, I'm trying to figure out why my pool is turning green and there's a whole list of things to do before Jamboree.

Here's what I need to get done:

Charge the camera and clear the memory card. You never know what will happen at Jamboree. I intend to get all paparazzi on the Geneabloggers crew and document everything.

Charge the netbook and make sure it gets in the carry-on bag. How else can I report every waking minute of Jamboree to those who couldn't make it?

Get my i-Tunes playlists all sorted out. Genealogy podcasts for the plane ride to CA, tunes for the car ride to Burbank. Very important part of the experience.

Make sure the "essentials" are packed. Rock-Star badge ribbons are part of this category.

Must remember to pack the printed conference schedule. Everything I have to remember, volunteer hours, etc. is written on that schedule. I may want to write my name on that schedule in case I forget who I am.

Is there anything else I am forgetting?


  1. I had to laugh when I read 'write my name on it' Some days I feel the same way that I might forget who I am. Too busy I guess. Have fun at jamboree.

  2. Yes, something forgotten! ME! Will I still fit in your baggage?

  3. I wanna go, too! LOL. Can't wait to read your updates and see your pics. Have fun!

  4. Mary, I'm at my baggage limit, but you could always be my son's carry-on. Will you stow safely under the seat? ;)

  5. I'm insanely jealous and hoping to be able to go next year. In the meantime I'm looking forward to reading your updates. Have a blast and don't forget your Rock Star sunglasses. You'll need them in sunny Southern California!