Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to School With My Dad

School has started again in these parts. I've been scanning some of my family's pictures and papers lately. Some of the items in the collection include a set of my father's school report cards. Here is one from 6th grade at West Riverside Elementary:

His grades are all Ss and Os. His "Democratic Living" was top notch, earning all Os for outstanding grades. Apparently he had some trouble turning in work at first, but got caught up. The teacher's comments from the final quarter say:

6/14/56 - It has been a pleasant experience having George in my room this year. I know he will be successful in his future work.

And you know what? He was! And still is!

Here is George back then:

Also in this report card collection are 4th and 7th grade. He had perfect attendance all three years.

Nice job, Dad!


  1. Wow you're Dad's school reports eh? I dont have any of my Dad's but I do have a certificate.

  2. How fun! I've found some of my parents' and grandparents' report cards. It gives some great insights into what they were like as kids. Sometimes it can be a real hoot!

  3. Your dad is just a little younger than my husband (whose birthday is today). I know I have one of his report cards around here that I'll have to post.

  4. How fun to see an old report card. They were so simple and straight-forward in those days, weren't they? Your dad was a good-looking boy.

  5. Very nice, I think I may have a report card of my father's somewhere! The picture of your father from that time was a great finishing touch!

  6. Wow S's and Os? Was this a regional thing?