Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Riley and I made the Houston Chronicle

Last week, I was reading a weekly column in the Sunday Houston Chronicle and saw that a reader was asking a question that needed an answer.

"Was Riley Fuzzell Road in Spring named after a real person?"

The columnist gave a wacky reply, but didn't answer the question. Well I wanted to know about Riley Fuzzell, so I went hunting. I found him easily, as a child and an adult with his own family. He was a farmer and a fine citizen of Spring, Texas. I gathered all the information I had collected in 20 minutes and sent it to the columnist, hoping he would pass it on to the curious reader.

I heard nothing and forgot about it.

Fast forward to today, when I'm eating leftover pizza for lunch and catching up on my Sunday newspaper reading. I scanned the weekly column and noticed that something looked familiar. It was my email printed out for all to see.

Actually, it was part of my email and it was chopped off at a strange place. Why the staff included the part about the attachment is beyond me.

The portion that got cut off talked about Fuzzell's World War I draft card and how it was signed by another big name in Spring (Budde, if you're wondering). Not fascinating news for a humor column, but very interesting if you're into local history, which is why I shared it with the reader. I just didn't realize it would be shared with everyone else. Had I known, I probably would have written it differently.

So I had a good laugh today at my 15 seconds of newsprint fame, and how old Riley was overshadowed by the story on bad supermarket products.

If I had the time, I'd love to give Riley Fuzzell the genealogy star treatment as well and research him properly. Next time I'm in Spring, I just may pay his road a visit.


  1. You rock Amy! I can't wait for the road trip to Riley's road!

  2. Too funny. I wrote about ol' Budde and his road [if anyone's looking for humor]. I'm on Riley Fuzzel's Road every day. Did you know that a lot of the roads in and around Spring have names of its founders - Holzworth, Budde, Klein, etc.? For local history, one only need to research its roads. You know, that would be a good idea for a local history book...

    Great job & congrats!

  3. Ha! That's funny. Good on you for taking the time to research it.

  4. Thanks, guys!

    Caroline, I remember your Budde blog post, which is part of the reason I included his details in the email. I am fascinated by the history in Spring. Maybe we could write a book in our spare time. :::cue tears of laughter:::

  5. That was so good of you to research and share. So, you and Riley will both become better known, huh?! Congrats.

  6. There is a Riley Fuzzell Farm located on Highway 79 between Buffalo and Palestine. Is that farm a part of the farm on Riley Fuzzell Rd. Thanks, Sandra

  7. I named my dog Riley after that road.

  8. Thank you, amy. My question to my relatives who live close to thar stree, don't know about the history. I love local history. How about the little cemetary across from Spring High school. on the side of I-45? i love the history of Texas, i am a native Houstonian. Pat Mann

  9. I named my CAT Riley after that road...LOL - seriously.

  10. I named my CAT, Riley after that road. How funny!