Friday, September 17, 2010

Social Calendar

Here is my tentative genealogy social calendar for the rest of the year. Any takers?

Oct 8-9

Oct 25-30

Nov. 5-6 (Not confirmed. This is a game-time decision for me)

Nov. 12-13

Drop me a note if you're going to these events--or even if you're just considering it, because I would totally talk you into it. The best part of any genealogy conference is meeting new friends.

[Disclosure: I am employed by Family History Expos, the host of events 1,2, and 4. I am a member of TSGS, but am not connected with promotion of their conference.]


  1. Hi Amy, I'm thinking about Atlanta but have a football game conflict so will probably not make a decision until mid Oct - after I see how the season is going. :)

  2. I WISH I was, but no.

    I'm tellin' ya...Milwaukee. Milwaukee is an awesome place for a conference. It's near Chicago, but cheaper. And we have frozen custard, and cheese curds, and beer, and tons of cool old building. It's perfect for a Family History Expo.

  3. Not able to attend any on your list. How about 2011 - FHL Expo Mesa, AZ and FGS in Springfield, IL. Will I have a chance to see you at either of those events?

  4. Don't tempt me. Hmmm...Atlanta is only 6 hours away...Knoxville was only 6 hours away...

  5. Kerry, your Milwaukee request for an Expo has been noted. People suggest locations to me all the time, and I always forward them to the Prez.

    Amy, if the planets align, I will be at both Mesa and FGS 2011.