Friday, November 5, 2010

Family History Library Research Retreat, part 4

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So what did I learn from my week at the Family History Expos research retreat at the Family History Library?

1. I viewed 66 microfilm rolls. It costs me $5.50 per film to rent them at my local Family History Center (FHC). Therefore, I viewed $363.00 worth of microfilm during the week.

2. It takes several weeks to order a roll of film and have it delivered to a FHC. You can do the math and see how long it would have taken me to view all of these records at home.

3. I got a chance to see how records are organized on the rolls. Many types of records can be on one roll. The way I currently log my research will be improved because of this trip. I see now that I can record this information better, and I will.

4. The flash drive was the best way for me to retrieve records. I took home 329 images. That's a lot of work for me to record and add to my database!

All genealogists should experience the Family History Library at some point. All of these records are at your fingertips:

And all you have to do is go get them:

Family History Expos hosts research retreats in April and October of each year. I had a great time and would be happy to answer any questions about the event. Feel free to email me at the address provided i the right column of this blog.

[Please see my Disclosures page for information on my connection to Family History Expos. --Amy]


  1. Amy, I love your very last sentence. Anyway, I'm wondering why they put a mixture of records on one roll, not so much as to how. Loved this series of you.

  2. I loved the series too...and those two pictures? That's genealogy porn right there.

  3. Okay, how about giving us a view of how visiting the FHL helped you log your research better. I have visited the Library many times and have always come away overwhelmed with "stuff" and hopelessly behind in recording my research.
    Help please.
    Thanks, Margie

  4. Amy, it looks like Barbara, Kerry and Margie beat me to all of my comments/questions. I truly would like to know how this trip helped you log your research better (logging my research is an area I'm trying to improve in).

    I agree with you that researching in SLC is soooo much more efficient (both in time and $$$). The problem I have is finding the time to go through everything once I get home! We should all have this problem right? LOL

  5. Amy - your posts make me want to go to SLC even more! It sounds like what heaven must be like.

    I also agree with Kerry - those pictures are genealogy porn!