Monday, November 29, 2010

Win a copy of RootsMagic 4!

Exciting news! I cleaned out my genealogy closet!

But wait....there's more!

In said closet, I found two copies of RootsMagic 4 genealogy software that were part of genealogy gift bags I received at conferences. I already have my own copy, so I've decided to give these away to two of my loyal, wonderful blog readers. Think of it as an early holiday present for you!

Here's the deal:

The fairest way I can think of to give everyone an equal chance is a random drawing. Send me an email at [Redacted. Contest over.]  with RootsMagic in the subject line. You can enter now through 11:59PM Central Time on Sunday December 5, 2010. Each email will be numbered in the order in which they landed in the email box. On Monday, Dec. 6, I will randomly draw two numbers and announce the winners. These lucky folks will each be sent a FREE copy of RootsMagic 4.

This little event is open to blog readers in the U.S. and Canada only. Sorry, but postage rates make it so.

Anyone who does not already own a copy of RootsMagic 4 is eligible. Owners of earlier editions of RootsMagic are welcome to enter the drawing, as RootsMagic 4 is completely different than what you own.

Genealogy bloggers, feel free to let your readers know about this drawing. It's all about spreading some genealogy love (and cleaning out closets).

Guess that's it. Good luck to everyone!


  1. Kristin, I don't have a Mac, so I can't answer the question from an experience standpoint. I did find this information at the RootsMagic website:

  2. You are so generous, Amy. Thank you!

  3. What a cool contest Amy! too bad I already have a copy! What else do you have lying around in your genealogy closet?

  4. Okay! I'm going to try it! :) Thanks for the chance!