Monday, January 10, 2011

Genealogy Resolutions: Checking In

A few weeks ago, I met with The Family Curator. We came up with some genealogy challenges for the coming year and promised to hold each other accountable.

This post is an update in that challenge. How have I done so far?

Well, I got my third-great grandfathers 103-page Civil War pension file scanned. Gold star on the organization part of the challenge.

The writing and research parts took a backseat while I got my family back to school after the break. I also had 2 genealogy book reviews that needed to get done. I'm pleased to say I've finished both.

Now that everything is caught up from the holidays, I'm ready to pick up speed. Here are my short-term goals for accomplishment:

Organization: more scanning. I hope to finish scanning the lengthy Chickasaw History paper in my files.

Writing: Develop outline for e-book idea #1 (yeah, there's two now swimming around my head but that's another issue). Since I spend so much time waiting in my car for my kiddo, I've purchased a spiral notebook specifically for this purpose. I write everything in the car, don't you know?

Research: I need to gather all the information I have on my great-grandmother and post it here. That's the quickest way to get it out on the Internet, and perhaps get some research advice from my knowledgeable readers. This is the first step in finding that elusive 16th great-great grandparent.

Guess that's it for now. I totally recommend the buddy system when it comes to genealogy goals. Keeps ya honest! 


  1. Having a buddy is such a great idea.
    It has set me thinking about how this idea could be applied to people from farflung locations who are researching in isolation.
    Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could organise a virtual buddy system for them.

  2. Your comment about writing in the car while waiting reminded me of where I used to do a lot of genealogy writing and reading - at various locations where I waited for my daughters in various dance classes (also harp and piano lessons) - lots of time spent doing that, so I didn't want to waste it!

  3. I still think your 52 Weeks series from last year would make a great eBook. We missed you at the FHExpo. Hope you had a great weekend anyway.
    Carolyn Murphy