Saturday, February 12, 2011

2011 RootsTech Update 4

The opening keynote session for RootsTech featured Shane R. Robison, EVP and CTO of HP and Jay Verkler, CEO of FamilySearch International.

Shane Robison talked about information and technology. It was the first time I ever heard a speech at a family history conference that didn't focus on genealogy. He talked about information, where it is and where it's going from a technological point of view.

I've always said that the genealogy field needs to look outside their own boundaries to the larger information world, and here was a session where the conference hosts were doing just that.

Next up was Jay Verkler, BMOC at FamilySearch. He is a brilliant, multi-lingual company leader. He also walks around a lot when he talks on stage, so it wasn't easy to get a photo of him.

Both of the speakers discussed the future of information. During this session, the term millennials was used. This term has been around forever in library circles, and it had finally arrived in family history circles. Finally, someone was thinking about the information future and planning for it. My first impression of RootsTech and the opening session can be summed up in nine words:

These are my people. I have finally found them.


  1. Compare this to 1991, letters typed on typewriters, posted with SASE envelopes, waiting for days, weeks, even MONTHS for a reply. Interlibrary loans for census films and family history books. Family history centers where we viewed our films and on a good day even got a hard copy.

    Them was the good ole days!

    But, I love getting a vital record downloaded here in the privacy of Tana, almost 3000 miles from our stick built home.

    Great report Amy!

  2. So glad you finally found your peeps! LOL!!!
    Thanks for reporting for us!

  3. You've done an excellent job of keeping us informed and entertained with your wonderful coverage, Amy! Thank you SO MUCH!

  4. Amy,

    I'm glad I hooked up with you and so many similar minded people. Wasn't it great being at a genealogy event tweeting madly, playing with iPads, smartphones and netbooks and not having people look at you as if you came from another planet.

  5. Oops that last comment was from my other Google account.
    Your new Aussie mate.

  6. Are you sure you weren't in heaven? Sounds divine!